“Pinsky: Ultra-indie comedy is bitingly entertaining.”

- Journal Star

“...the film achieves its entertaining tension between humor and pathos through its carefully drawn sense of place...”

- Ben Crandell, Sun Sentinel

“In Pinksy, an impressive and lively debut from director Amanda Lundquist and writer/star Rebecca Karpovsky, we have a keyhole into Russian-American life. It’s a combustive and comical look at generational gaps, the disintegration of tradition with every new grandchild, and the difficulty in which a queer woman has to navigate familial pressures. It packs a loving whack upside the head at how our family’s ideals can mess us up.”

- Meredith Alloway, Filmmaker Magazine

“‘Pinsky’: ópera prima con la que te sentirás identificado - ‘Pinsky’: a debut film you can identify with”

The plot and the comedy feels very natural, nothing is forced. Its comical dialogue makes the film flow, the characters will make you laugh because they feel very real.”

-Emiliano Nuñez, Ibero Radio

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