“In Pinksy, an impressive and lively debut from director Amanda Lundquist and writer/star Rebecca Karpovsky, we have a keyhole into Russian-American life. It’s a combustive and comical look at generational gaps, the disintegration of tradition with every new grandchild, and the difficulty in which a queer woman has to navigate familial pressures. It packs a loving whack upside the head at how our family’s ideals can mess us up.” - Meredith Alloway, Filmmaker Magazine

Won “BEST NARRATIVE FEATURE” for PINSKY at Santa Fe Independent Film Festival.

“Directed by Lundquist in her feature debut, “Pinsky” is brightened by colorful animations and Karpovsky’s winning performance as the spirited, sarcastic Sophia. It’s as unfocused as its heroine, roving between subplots, but there’s still plenty to admire in this frank, funny film.” Kimber Myers, LA TIMES



Amanda directs serious comedies about young women dealing with tumultuous families and careers, rendered with equal parts East Coast Ashkenazic humor and queer sensibility. Her second feature, ASKING FOR IT, stars Stephanie Hsu (BE MORE CHILL, MARVELOUS MRS. MAISEL) and Janeane Garofalo (WET HOT AMERICAN SUMMER) and will enter the 2020 film festival circuit.

Her first feature, PINSKY, premiered at the Moscow International Film Festival, won “Best Narrative Feature” at the Santa Fe Independent Film Festival and was distributed by Breaking Glass Pictures in 2019. Unreal TV wrote that PINSKY was “the best movie about a hipster Boston 20-something lesbian with a domineering Russian immigrant grandmother having a quarter-life crisis that you will see this year”and likened it to Niel Simon’s BRIGHTON BEACH MEMOIRS.

Her influences include Leonard Cohen, for his concise but expansive lyricism, Tamara Jenkins’ THE SAVAGES, and more than anything else, Nathan Lane’s performance in THE BIRDCAGE. 

Amanda lives in Brooklyn, was born in South Florida and raised in Boston. She’s a member of the Brooklyn Filmmaker’s Collective and Film Fatales.



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